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Wedding Videography vs. Content Creation

The Rising Trend of Content Creators in Wedding Videography

Content Creator

In recent years, the wedding videography industry has seen a fascinating shift: couples are increasingly opting for content creators over traditional videographers to document their big day. This trend mirrors broader changes in how we consume and share media, driven by social platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. But what does it mean to have a content creator at your wedding, and how does it differ from hiring a traditional videographer?

Let's explore these questions and the implications for the industry.

Is There a Difference?

Traditional videographers focus on capturing the entire wedding day in a cinematic style. They create a comprehensive film that covers the ceremony, reception, and other significant moments.

The final product is often a beautifully edited video, ranging from a short highlight reel to a full-length documentary of the day. This video is crafted with high production values, designed for posterity.

Content Creators:

Content creators take a more dynamic and social media-focused approach. They capture short, engaging clips and behind-the-scenes moments, tailored for sharing on platforms like Instagram Stories, TikTok, and YouTube.

The deliverables from a content creator are typically numerous short videos and photos, optimized for quick consumption and social media engagement. These might include quick edits, trending challenges, and personalized messages.

Wedding Videography

Will Wedding Videography Need to Adapt?

As the demand for content creators grows, traditional videographers face a choice: adapt to the new landscape or risk becoming less relevant. This doesn't necessarily mean they need to change their titles to "content creators," but they should consider integrating content creation techniques into their services. Here are some ways they can adapt:

1. Incorporate Social Media Content:

Videographers can offer packages that include both traditional wedding films and social media-ready clips. This approach ensures they cater to both long-term memory preservation and immediate sharing needs.

2. Stay Updated with Trends:

Keeping up with the latest social media trends and understanding platform algorithms can help videographers create content that stands out online.

3. Engage with Couples:

Building a rapport with the couple to understand their social media habits and preferences can lead to more personalized and engaging content.

"Whether as an add-on service or a separate offering, content creation brings a new dimension to wedding documentation"

Wedding Videographer Cape Town
Video Screenshot by Marnus Tredoux

Content Creation: Add-On Service or Separate Offering?

The rise of content creation at weddings presents a dilemma: should it be an add-on service or a standalone offering? The answer depends on the needs and preferences of each couple.

As an Add-On Service:

Couples get the best of both worlds – a timeless wedding film and shareable social media content. This option can also provide videographers with additional revenue streams. It allows videographers to diversify their services without completely overhauling their business models.

As a Separate Offering:

Content creators can focus solely on producing high-quality, engaging social media content, which might appeal to couples who prioritize online sharing. Couples have a clear understanding of what they're getting, which can simplify the decision-making process.

Wedding Videography Winelands
Video Screenshot by Marnus Tredoux


The trend towards hiring content creators for weddings is reshaping the videography landscape. While traditional videographers and content creators serve different purposes, there is a growing intersection where both can coexist and complement each other. Videographers who adapt by incorporating social media elements into their offerings can stay relevant and cater to the evolving needs of modern couples. Whether as an add-on service or a separate offering, content creation brings a new dimension to wedding documentation, ensuring that the magic of the day is captured for both cherished memories and immediate social media sharing.

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