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Browse this FAQ list to find answers to some of the most common questions we’ve received about the way we work and the variety of services we offer. We’ve tried to be as comprehensive as possible, but please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need more information. We look forward to hearing from you!


Ultimately, your wedding video will be determined by the style of the videographer and also by the package you have chosen. There are multiple types of videos.

This is what we offer:

  • Full Length Film (incl. unabridged formalities, ceremony and speeches)

  • Highlights Montage Film

  • Short Film/ aka Trailer  (one song, like a music video)

The Full Length Film can run up to 90 min, or even longer. This will ultimately depend on the amount of content captured at the event. Having more footage of the same scene does not necessarily mean that the scene will be longer in the edit. The duration of a full length wedding film will depend on the number of days and scenes filmed  for the particular event. It is comprised of various scenes, cut in montage style with the unabridged formalities inbetween. This format is the best way to document the event as a whole but requires more time, cameras and activities to capture on the day. A nice way to add more production value, is to schedule some time, either before- or on the day of the event, to film quick interviews with family members, friends and the couple. 

The Highlights Montage Films are normally around 10 minutes. Each is special in their own right and captures the best moments from the wedding ceremony with the addition of filters, music, and other elements, such as voice-over narration or text. In the highlights montage edit, we include a view of the event as a whole, in summary, showing the best moments and footage from all scenes, the event itself being the focus of the video, and the couple being the stars. 

Short Film/ aka Trailer  (one song, like a music video), has more of a cinematic style and is characterized by aerial views of the wedding venue, slow-motion features, and narration or moments of dialogues like you’d expect from a movie. These types of shots and edits are very time consuming and work best in short format. In these more cinematic and polished short films, we don't cover all of the scenes and shot selection focusses on telling a story of the bride and groom, as the focus of the video. Its almost like a moving portrait of the couple, set on their wedding day. 


A general rule of thumb is that you can have two cameras per shooter. The shooter will be operating one camera, while the other camera will be on the side, running unmanned. It's still getting a good angle, but if any action happens during the ceremony or reception, only one camera can move at a time.

Though it is true that a more cameras may be necessitated by larger crowds, there are more important benefits to multiple cameras. Without having a second angle, there isn’t anything to cut to when editing the ceremony and speeches.

Typically we capture a close up of the speaker and some corresponding shots of guests listening to the speeches/toasts. Getting the shot and capturing the scene takes priority during the speeches and ceremony.

With a second camera, we can capture moments more creatively and in a variety of angles and shot sizes, which in turn makes for a better and more fluid visual experience when it comes to the Highlights Montage Film and Short Film / Trailer.


We offer a variety of packages for the filming of your event.

A typical shooting day would start around 14:00 and continue until about 22:00. But we are flexible! Simply let us know what your schedule is for the day and we’ll put together a package that covers it!

We usually start by filming the preparation leading up to the ceremony. In the case of a two camera shoot, the one camera would typically follow the bride through the make-up, hair and pre wedding portrait session and finally to the church.

The second camera follows the groom and his groomsmen as they prepare and get dressed and then finally to the ceremony venue. At this point, the second camera will be filming as the guests arrive and the groom and his men wait for the bride to arrive.

The ceremony is then filmed in its entirety with two cameras covering the walk down the aisle and exchange of vowes, rings and also the signing of the register. This is usually followed by a rather exciting confetti throwing session!

At this point the guests go to the reception venue for pre-drinks and the bridal couple go with the photographer to their photo session. This makes for some of the most beautiful shots of the day. One camera follows here and the other films the guests at the pre-drinks. The camera at the reception venue/pre-drinks will also film the tables and detail shots before the guests enter (if possiible).

After the photo session the bridal couple makes a big entrance at the reception venue, one camera following them from the photo session and the other already set up at the reception venue straight after the pre drinks.

The speeches are filmed with two cameras. One camera films the speaker, the other films reactions. We like to present this in split screen on the final DVD. In other words, you see both speaker and reaction at the same time. Obviously, it is your choice whether you would like to have it split screen or not.

After speeches, dinner is served. We film the food as it comes out, or the buffet table if relevant. We also take shots of the guests socializing between courses and décor and detail shots at this point (cake/gifts/décor/tables/stationary).

When everyone has finished eating and the first dance happens, we film the first dance with both cameras. We then continue to film some dancing shots and party shots. We end the night off, usually, with shots of the throwing of the garter and the bouquet and the cutting of the cake.


A team of passionate and accomplished film makers make up the team of shooters and editors at Magic Hour Productions. Your wedding will be filmed by at least one of the four horsemen (a cool name for the Magic Hour camera team!). Tiaan, Igor, Rudi, Marnus or Emile will be leading the charge on the day of your wedding. They have all been shooting together for a decade and would love to meet you in advance of your wedding to break the ice! The post production is also done in house by Marnus Tredoux


It depends on which package you have selected for your event, but, the highlights montage, as can be seen on our website, showcases the highlights of the day in a cool and energetic way. With our montage, you can relive the events of the day without having to skip to the good parts - the good parts will all be put together so that your friends and family will keep watching till the end and it is designed to leave you wanting more. For those wanting to relive more of the day in full detail, there are buttons on the menu linking straight to the full ceremony and speeches. If there are any other unique events on the day, those will be included on the final DVD or Blu-Ray as well.


Once we are done with all your video edits, we will send you a link to download each file. The will be delivered as 1080p MP4 files. Each package includes 2 hours of alterations. Standard editing rates apply thereafter.


The typical turnaround time for a couple to receive their completed wedding video is between 11 to 12 weeks. This might be shorter during off-peak periods but it can take longer during the busy Summer season. Editing a wedding video takes time, especially when trying to make it as creative and beautiful as possible.


We require 50% booking fee deposit in order to confirm and hold the date for your event. The balance is due by the last Monday before the event.


Though we sincerely hope that you wouldn’t consider cancelling your booking, we understand that sometimes there is no alternative. Most often, its necessary to postpone rather than cancel.

Booking Fee Deposit - When you pay the booking deposit, you agree to the payment of the balance by the last Monday before the date of your event. On the other hand, we agree to reserve that date for you, to the exclusion of all other clients and we also agree to deliver the service as offered and at the price we offered it, whether or not we increase our packages before your event or not. We also pay deposits to our crew members and we secure any gear we may need for your wedding or event.

Postponement - We will accommodate any requests to move the date of the wedding, where possible. It is important to let us know as soon as possible, should you wish to move the date of the wedding or event. We have multiple teams that can film your wedding, should the original team be unavailable on the new date proposed. Postponement is free of charge.

Cancellation - If we cannot accommodate you on the new date for the wedding or event, or, should the event be cancelled completely, for whatever reason,  you may request to cancel the booking. 

Refund Policy - In the event of a cancellation, you may request a refund of the balance of the booking fee, minus any fees and expenses incurred by Magic Hour Films in the confirmation and securing of the date.

These costs include, but are not limited to: 

- Administration Fee (R1000)

- Booking fees paid to crew (50% of crew day rates)

- Booking fees paid on gear rental

- Opportunity cost (rejected booking inquiries)

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

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