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Payment in terms of your Magic Hour Films invoice constitutes tacit acceptance of these terms and conditions. Click the button below to download the terms and conditions as a pdf.

Please read the following terms carefully and check each box before sending it back
to Magic Hour Films. Please fill in the details requested below:


A 50% retainer fee (Booking Deposit) is required in advance upon booking Magic
Hour Films’ services. The booking will only be secured once the retainer fee has
been paid and confirmed. The retainer fee is to secure the videographer’s services
for the day and is to be paid immediately to secure booking. The amount still
outstanding must be paid by the last Monday before the event. Upgrade of packages
and extras are payable by the last Monday before the event or, if booked after the
last Monday before the event, on the first business day following the ordering of
such services.
We only accept payments by EFT or cash deposit – no cash payments will be


A team of passionate and accomplished film makers make up the team of shooters
and editors at Magic Hour Productions. A producer has been assigned to lead the
video production effort at your wedding. Should the assigned camera operator
become unavailable due to unforeseen circumstances or due to emergency, a
suitable replacement will be arranged to film in their place.
We only work with the best so if someone was approved to represent Magic Hour
Films, you can trust that our high standards will be maintained. Where possible,
this will be communicated prior to the wedding day and the replacement
videographer will introduce himself to you, time and circumstance allowing.


It depends on which package you have selected for your event, but, the highlights
montage, as can be seen on our website, showcases the highlights of the day in a
cool and energetic way. With our montage, you can relive the events of the day
without having to skip to the good parts - the good parts will all be put together so
that your friends and family will keep watching till the end and it is designed to
leave you wanting more.
When the video is complete, we will send you a link to download your videos in
MP4 format which you will be able to view on any computer (PC or Mac) and on
most modern devices with USB like smart TVs. We also offer an option to deliver
your video on High Definition Blu-Ray or Standard Definition DVD. Additional
costs apply.


Before we finalize the edits and close the project, we give you the opportunity to
review the video and request alterations. We will do our best to incorporate your
suggestions before finalizing the video.


We welcome your music suggestions, as it gives us a better idea of what your
personal preferences are. Sometime the music you choose will match the footage
perfectly, in style and rhythm, however, sometimes the they might not match at all.
The exercise is not in vain, however, because once we know what your taste in
music is, it allows us to search for similar types of tracks that may be a better fit for
the edit.


We love flying the drone but sometimes the weather simply does not allow it. We
will try to fly the drone on the day of the event but should the weather or other
circumstances prevent us from flying, we will try to grab some aerial shots after the
event. However, this may not always be possible, especially if the venue is far away
from our home base. In the unlikely event that we are completely unable to film
your venue or event from the sky, we will throw in a Blu-Ray, DVD and
Customized Flashdrive with your wedding films on it.


Though we sincerely hope that you wouldn’t consider cancelling your booking, we
understand that sometimes there is no alternative. Most often, its necessary to
postpone rather than cancel.

7.1 Retainer Fee / Booking Fee / Deposit - When you pay the booking
deposit, you agree to the payment of the balance by the last Monday before the
date of your event. On the other hand, we agree to reserve that date for you, to
the exclusion of all other clients and we also agree to deliver the service as offered
and at the price we offered it, whether we increase our packages before your event
or not. We also pay our crew members to retain their services and we secure any
gear we may need for your wedding or event.

7.2 Postponement - We will accommodate any requests to move the date
of the wedding, where possible. It is important to let us know as soon as possible,
should you wish to move the date of the wedding or event. We have multiple
teams that can film your wedding, should the original team be unavailable on
the new date proposed. Postponement is free of charge.

7.3 Cancellation - If we cannot accommodate you on the new date for the
wedding or event, or, should the event be cancelled completely, for whatever reason,
you may request to cancel the booking.

7.4 Refund Policy - In the event of a cancellation, you may request a refund of
the balance of the booking fee, minus any fees and expenses incurred by Magic
Hour Films in the confirmation and securing of the date.

7.5 These costs include, but are not limited to:
- Administration Fee (20% or R1000, whichever is greater)
- Retainer fees paid to crew (50% of crew day rates)
- Booking fees paid on gear rental
- Opportunity cost (i.e. rejected booking inquiries)
All refunds shall be calculated as explained above under 7.5

7.6 Payment in terms of a valid Magic Hour Films invoice shall be deemed an acceptance of the terms
explained herein. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to call
prior to making payment.

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